Hosting. Where can i get professional Hosting for WordPress or PrestaShop? There are many professional Hosting Providers. In Austria we have good experience with World4You. In Germany we made a good decision with Hetzner. For PrestaShop you can also take A2 Hosting. Many agencies have their own servers. Normally they can offer you the Hosting Plan for your needs.

Install Theme. Who is able to install my Shop and my Themes? We recommend to choose an official and certified Prestashop Partner for installing your Online Shop, because you get qualified Partners to realize your Shop. You can find qualified PrestaShop Partners at the official PrestaShop Partner site. If you want to do it yourself: Take a look at official PrestaShop documentation to learn more about this and feel free to play with the Online Shop. Our prestashop agency waschier-design is also offering prestashop services. Take a look at their site:

Adjust Theme. Who is able to edit, update and adjust my Themes? ArtWo-Themes is not providing any service at the moment. We only provide a Theme „as is“. If you need changes to fit you needs: The agency installing the Theme should be able to realize your Dreams 😉

Download. Where can i download the system? You can download the Open Source Online Shop Software PrestaShop for free at the official PrestaShop Site. WordPress can be downloaded at the official WordPress Repository. Alternative: Many Hosting Providers provide „Easy Installer Software“. With help of this Software you can install your system with one click. Contact your Provider to get more information about this.


German News. Why are some news or blog entries in German? Artwo-Themes is an Austrian Agency. So many of our customers are from the Austrian or German Market. Because of this we provide an extra News Category for the German Market.

Bug. I found a bug in one of the themes.Before contacting us: We recommend to check your system and server settings. Each theme is tested before we sell it. But if you really found a bug: Feel free to contact us via live-chat here.

ArtWo. Why ArtWo-Themes? Artwo-Themes provides professional Themes. Since June 2013 our developer is certified PrestaShop Developer. So you can be sure to get high quality Themes. If you mean the name ArtWo: We provide clean and artistic Themes and our company is from Wolfsberg.

Theme developers. Who designs and programms the themes? It is not possible to built a huge amount of themes right out in one small agency. Because of this we are partner of an A-size depot which is just selling high quality templates, so you can choose between more than 50.000 templates for a very small amount.